Technical Services

Delivering a positive customer experience is vital to any business. Our success relies on technical services being performed by knowledgeable professionals who know and understand the needs of our clients. Take a few moments and browse through the summary of our technical services. If you have any questions about any VBS technical services please contact us.

Technical Services

Web Services

Website Services

VBS Business-Tech Solutions provides a variety of website services. We provide professional-quality web services; implementing industry best practices, paying close attention to security and creating custom solutions. VBS can help you establish a strong Internet presence with web services that will help you reach a wider audience,  allow engagement from your customers and increase revenue. We are your resource for website related technical services.

Custom Website Design

Visions Business Services can design custom web pages that properly represent you, your company, your organization. We create web spaces that are interactive, dynamic, professional and most of all, a comfortable website for your visitors. We use the a wide variety of website building tools, various mark-up languages, content management systems, and graphics techniques to build professional websites. From simple informational websites to complex community and e-commerce websites, VBS can produce a captivating website for you. The Internet is growing at an amazing rate and it is mandatory that your business or organization take advantage the opportunities then internet offers.

Website Hosting

VBS Business-Tech Solutions offers web hosting packages that are exactly what you need to create the web presence that your company needs. If online security is crucial for you and if you want your website content to be delivered more quickly to your visitors, Visions Hosting is what you need. Built with state–of–the–art hardware components, the cutting–edge web hosting system ensures a smooth performance for your site(s). And if you want us to move your content, we will do this at no charge for you.

See our full hosting portal HERE
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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important in the ranking that your website has with search engines. The higher your page ranks, the higher up on the list of search results your website will appear for a keyword or phrase. The higher your page is ranked, the more likely it is for someone to choose your website from a list results. Search engines are still the main tool that people use to search for information. VBS can optimize your content to rank higher for your target key words.

Copywrite Services

Find it difficult to come up with the right words to properly represent your company or organization? A properly worded website can be the difference between visitors engaging or moving on to the next website. If there’s a lack of content or direction on what to do, you could see a high bounce rate.

VBS can create SEO optimized content for your website. Our content is created to be engaging, action-prompting and built around keywords that are related to your business/ organization, products or services. Our copywrite services require that you provide the basic information about your company or organization and we create the content.

Need blog post written to keep your website with a steady stream of fresh content. VBS can produce SEO optimized blog posts that are relevent and related to your industry, mission, or brand. Take the guess-work out of your content… let VBS do it for you.


Website Maintenance

Your website is the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar shop on a city street. Just as a physical building needs to be maintained, so does your website. An unmaintained website can experience loss of functions, can be more vulnerable to being hacked and can experience unwanted “down” time. VBS can assess your web maintenance needs and create a maintenance plan to keep your website running smoothly.

  • Content Updates
  • Security / Malicious Code Removal
  • Software Updates
  • SEO Updates

See our basic website maintenance levels.

Website Marketing

Your website exists in an Internet full of other websites! Our website marketing services can help your website be seen by more people. We use a 3 tiered system of website marketing to help you increase the traffic to your website.

  1. We optimize your website to be more search engine friendly. Search engines are still the #1 way people find websites. We also register your website with major and minor search engines to assist in greater rankings for your website.
  2. Social Media posting. We will help expose your website through frequent and consistent social media posts. We work with client to formulate social media messaging and content to be shared.
  3. Backlink Building. Backlinks are one way links from an external website ‘back’ to your website. Backlinks add ‘authority’ to your website.

See our basic website marketing service levels.

Computer Services

Computer Services

VBS Business-Tech Solutions provides a host of computer services. Our computer services, as with all of our services, are provided with a very practical approach. We try to provide the most cost effective solutions to meet the particular needs of our clients. We avoid suggesting hardware/ software that is more than the situation requires, but robust enough to be viable for a reasonable time. We are your resource for computer related technical services.

Virus Removal

The Internet is a great source of information, entertainment and social interactions. Unfortunately, there are people that will exploit the use of the Internet by creating viruses and malware that can infect your computer. These malicious programs can cause your computer to fail, intercept your personal information, and overwhelm you with advertising. VBS uses a combination of anti-virus software, file and registry tools and experience to fully remove all traces of malware from your computer.

Software Services

VBS has experience and expertise with all kinds of software. From server operating systems, to media applications, to productivity software; we can help your business or organization with all your software needs.

  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Procurement
  • Training

Hardware Services

Visions Business Services provides a variety of hardware services. Our services are provided with a very practical approach. We try to provide the most cost effective solutions to meet the particular hardware needs. We avoid suggesting hardware that is more than the situation requires, but is robust enough to be viable for a reasonable time.

  • Peripheral Installations
  • Workstation Upgrades
  • Network Hardware Installation
  • Custom Computer Builds
  • Printer/ Scanners/ Copiers
  • Battery Backup / Power Management


VBS offers a wide range of networking services. We provide network set-up, configuration and security solutions for your unique situation. It doesn’t matter if you need a small office network or a larger, more complex network, we have the expertise to design, install and manage your network.

  • Internet Access
  • Cabling
  • Secure firewall
  • Remote Access /VPN
  • Wireless Networks

Digital Media

Digital Media

VBS Business-Tech Solutions is your source for professional digital media services. We can save your company or organization time and money by helping you with digital file conversions, graphics, document creation and many other tasks. We provide custom solutions for your digital media challenges. We are your resource for digital media technical services.

File Conversion

We live in a digital age and digital media comes in a lot of different formats. Digital media encompasses audio files, video files, image files and document files. For each of these digital media types, there are several file types or formats. Visions Business Services understands the pros and cons of these file types and can convert and manipulate the various file types to meet your project needs.


VBS can help your business with all of it’s graphic needs. Images are important and our graphics team has the expertise and the tools to produce and/or alter your graphics to meet the needs of your project.

  • Custom Logos
  • Flyers
  • Web Banners
  • Digital photograph touch-up

Document Management/Creation

Visions Business Services provides a range of digital document services. There is a big push to go paperless and doing so can save you time and money. We can help you create and manage your documents. Let us take the mystery out of required file types, document processing and creating documents.

  • eBook coding/creation
  • Custom Presentations
  • Document conversion
  • Digital discovery
  • Document management systems

DVD/CD Authoring

Visions Business Services can create custom CD/ DVD for your company or organization. We create video slide shows, informational/ promotional CD’s, CD/DVD duplication and more. CD/ DVDs are still a a great medium for your digital media. They are inexpensive and effective.



VBS Business-Tech Solutions provides professional business consulting. We know and understand computers and networks, business technology, the internet and supporting technologies, audio/visual equipment and application; so we have the expertise to help you successfully navigate through these areas. Let us help you be more successful, save time and money. We are your resource for technical services consulting.

Technical Guidance

We have a wealth of knowledge about business-related technology and technical services. Our understanding of these technologies and how they work, independently and collectively, makes us the perfect choice to be a technical adviser for your company or organization.

Project Management

Planning a new technical project? Let us manage that project for you! We can manage your technical projects from beginning to end: Planning, Staffing, Time and Resource Allocation, Procurement, Progress Reporting.

Internet Marketing

VBS Business-Tech Solutions has experience with Internet marketing tools, traffic generating techniques, marketing communities and SEO practices. We can put together an Internet marketing plan to make your brand more visible, attract more attention to your Internet ‘properties’ and ultimately increase the overall exposure of your business.

Work Flow Processes

Sound, well thought-out Work Flow processes can be the difference in an smooth running operation and chaos. VBS Business-Tech Solutions can create efficient work flow processes for your business based on your unique business environment and your goals.


VBS Business-Tech Solutions has many years of working within the technology industry and can guide you on the purchasing decisions when purchasing new equipment. We have also built relationships with many vendors and can help you get the most for your money.

Software Integration

VBS Business-Tech Solutions knows software. Let us use our knowledge to help you, not only choose the correct software for your task, but also train you and your staff on the use of the software and integrate it with your work flow.


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