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Very Happy Client

I am a very happy client of Visions Business Services. I had an idea of what I wanted my website to be but I wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen. The staff at Visions Business Services made implementing my idea along with their creativity, quite easy! I needed a website that had and internal space and a public facing space. Not only did they design, create and execute the website but they also maintain the website and manage all of my company email as well. Utilizing Vision Business Services is one of the first great decisions I have made as a business owner!

An Asset for our Small Growing Company

Vision Business Services gives my company access to a global marketplace. Their flexibility and expertise gives us a crisp functional marketing and commerce tool for expanding our customer base. VBS has been an asset for our small growing company.

Michael Floyd

GREAT Service, Wonderful MAN!!!!

As long as I known Keith (owner, Visions Business Services, LLC) he has been a wiz at fixing computers, graphics, and websites. I live over 200 miles away but I can mail my laptop or allow Keith to remote in to fix anything that goes on. Everything he does is very professional, affordable and done in timely fashion. Keith has fixed my mini laptop without me being able to fully explain what is going on, made some flyers for a party for me, and helped me set up my blogging site. He is very knowledgeable and willing to explain things to you to help you understand. Just recently I called about a vector file that I needed. I have no idea what it is but as soon as I said I needed a vector file for graphics Keith knew what I was talking about. Once again he explained and gave me my options! Always there, dependable and if he doesn’t have the answer right then he will get back to you! GREAT service, wonderful MAN!!!! Looking for professional, affordable, dependable Visions Business Services!!!! Is who you need to call!

Kwanza Cuffie

Highly Experienced and Reliable Supplier of Technical Services

To Whom It May Concern,

As a small business owner, quality graphics, technology and service are very crucial for future success. Keith Barney (Visions Business Services) has assisted me in those areas. His excellence was demonstrated by promoting my business beyond the local realm. He created eye catching informational materials, such as post cards, business cards & banners that helped my company pique the interest of the local public as well as abroad. Visions Business Services, not only provided excellent materials, but also excellent support. VBS is currently working on building a fully functional website for my company that will accommodate the needs of my clients and provide a user friendly system to help avoid internet intimidation. I can confidently recommend Keith Barney and Visions Business Services as a highly experienced and reliable supplier of technical services.

Best Regards,

Tara Trusty, Owner
Tara’s Trusty Cupcake & Treats

Tara Trusty
Tara’s Trusty Cupcake & Treats

The Trust was a Natural Fit

Often times when small business look for web services it’s hard to find people that you can trust. However, with Visions Business Services the trust was a natural fit. I’m the owner of a visual creative service company and I appreciate having a service provider that has just as much creativity and professionalism as we do. I’d recommend them over anyone in the business.

J.J. McQueen
Vision Beyond The Lens

J.J. McQueen

Provided great support in all areas of my business…

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to Mr. Keith Barney for the superior work that he has provided me with throughout the years.  His work is one of a kind, because he always goes above and beyond when completing the projects that I have given him.  He has provided great support in all areas of my business, whether it’s setting up the lighting, taking photos, editing the photos, or making the videos’ for one of my jobs.  I have never been disappointed in any of his projects that he has done for my company.  He is timely and adds his own personal touch to the videos if asked.  Mr. Barney has assisted me and many of my friends and family with computer problems, from the blue screen of death to recovering of lost work to adding other operating systems to the computers.  He has even assisted me with setting up my website for my company and has been very patient with me procrastinating in my decision for the layout.
I highly recommend Mr. Barney for any job/task that pertains computers, photography, websites, etc.  You will not be disappointed.

Michele White

Michele White

…they beat the timing of our expectations!

While working on our Change Makers Gala, we knew that the updating of our website was essential in attaining sponsorship, the purchase of tickets and providing info to others. Not only did VBS step to update the needed aspects, they also created a new look for the website! The best thing about it is, they beat the timing of our expectations! Since then, we have become full fledge clients of VBS! We look forward to the great work they will continue to do for us!

Oresa Napper-Williams
Founder & Visionary
Not Another Child, Inc

Oresa Napper-Williams

Client Direct Reviews

Very knowledgeable and professional

5.0 rating

Very knowledgeable and professional. Would surely recommend to anyone!


The best!

5.0 rating

The best! The support is phenomenal. The services are excellent. If you want the best price, you’ve found it right here. Our website has been highly utilized for business processes, and we are able to do it all. I am always being asked about our website and I don’t have a problem referring others. Lastly, training is offered to teach the technology team how to do some low maintenance actions if desired. Five stars!

HCAC-DST @ 01/08/2017 12:03

A tremendous job

5.0 rating

Vision Business Services did a tremendous job assisting us with our website. We’re celebrating 100 years of ministry and Keith has helped us present our ministry in a professional and invovative way. Keith thanks for your patience and friendly customer service. We are completely satisfied with our site and we highly recommend anyone looking for services to hire Keith. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for everything.

Minister Greg Johnson

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