The Internet is an ever-growing space and your business or organization needs to be able to reach the billions of people in the Internet ‘space’. The Internet is becoming more and more accessible to people as smartphone and tablet usage has increased exponentially. More and more people rely on the Internet to find businesses, organizations and individuals; and if they can’t find you there, they will likely choose someone that they can find. Social media is a great way to engage people on the Internet, but it is often limited to you extended circle of friends. To truly be accessible to the world, you need your own domain and website!

Who needs a website?

Businesses of all sizes – Whether you have a home-based business or a multi-national company, your business can benefit from have a unique domain and web-space. In fact, the smaller your business is, the more important it becomes to have a website because it can help you play on a same level as larger businesses.

Organizations – Get your message to the masses. A website can help with fund-raising, new member acquisition, member retention and brand awareness.

Individuals -Whether you are a freelancer, a job-seeker, celebrity, etc.; you can benefit from the worldwide exposure a web space provides.

Bottom-line: You Need A Website!

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