A Business-tech consultant for your start-up is something that you should consider early on in the process of planning your new business. The earlier you consult with a business-tech consultant the better your chances are to fully consider your technology needs, understand how technology can be implemented into your business and have some underlying tech insight as you complete business and marketing plans.

The way you ‘start-up’ your business can play a big role in the early success of your new company. Many entrepreneurs are ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and sometimes resist spending money for a consultant in the early stages of their business formation. This is understandable, but when possible; it is highly recommended that you connect with an IT professional or business-tech consultant to help you navigate your unique technology needs. Talk to a couple different consultants to find one that is affordable for you. Also be creative if your budget is really small. Consider setting up a reasonable payment plan, pay per project/ session or even bartering!

4 Benefits of having a business-tech consultant for your start-up:

  1. Vendor-neutral agent with your business’s best interest in mind.When you are starting a new business there will be technical product and services that you may require. These may include things like  computer /network hardware, telecom services, Internet services, or other services that may be required. There are a multitude of companies that can provide these things and a good business-tech consultant can guide your decisions based on their knowledge and expertise. Following the guidance of a consultant can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Your business-tech consultant works for you and should help you make decisions that are in your business’ best interest. There should be no preference of vendor, product or service that is not based on the unique needs of your start-up business. This does not mean that your consultant can’t have any affiliations with different vendor, product or service providers, but their decisions and recommendations must always be with the best interest of your company in mind.
  2. Get tech that fits your unique business needs.A good business-tech consultant can help you avoid paying for technology that is “over-kill”, guide you toward technology that is compatible with other tech you may have or want to utilize and understand the technical specifications as related to your purpose. Many entrepreneurs are discouraged when looking at business technology because it often seems so expensive or “too much” for what their needs are. This is prohibitive. First, a consultant can identify a business function and come up with creative solutions, work-arounds or identify other technology that can meet the goals. The  ‘too-expensive” technology solutions is often NOT the only technology solution.  Second,  a business-tech consultant  can ascertain the ‘level’ of technology you need to meet your business goals and help you identify areas that technology can make you for efficient or productive, that you may not be aware of or even recognize a need for it.
  3. Assist with Integrating technical systems and implementing technical process.The technology that is used for your business has to be able to work and communicate with other tech systems. A business-tech consultant can not only guide you in acquiring compatible technology, they can also help you integrate that technology into your business processes and insure that it is configured properly. Consider a ‘basic’ work environment. There are usually computers, the underlying network infrastructure and hardware, printers and some kind of phone system. A good consultant can help you get the right equipment and be sure everything works well together. Technology is only as good as its performance of it’s desired function. A business-tech consultant can help you implement processes and best practices, based on the technology used and the business function they are a part of.
  4. Help with the creation of a technology policy.Every company should have a technology policy. Even a start-up with no employees. Your technology policy is simply a set of guidelines that a company uses to acquire, implement and utilize technology. Your policy could be as simple as a set of technical specifications of all the tech in the business that can be used to be sure any additional technology is compatible with the existing tech systems. As the company grows, you may include utilization guidelines in your technology policy. For example, you may not allow computer user to download anything to the computer or restrictions on certain types of websites, etc. Documentation goes a long way to implementation and organization.

Business-tech consultants are like event planners. You can plan the event yourself but it usually flows more smoothly and you have much less stress when you leave it to the event planner. Leave your technology to your business-tech consultant. It is worth adding a few more dollars to your budget when planning your start-up company. Entrepreneurs can be very budget conscious, as they should, but making an early investment in your company’s technology helps your start-up launch with a solid foundation.


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