Vonange Voicemail Set-up & Control

Record or Upload Greetings #

  1. Sign in to your Online Account.
  2. Click the Avatar , then click Settings.
  3. Click the option you want to manage.
ExtensionCall ScreeningLets you record or upload a custom greeting as a screening option. A default greeting is available that directs callers to specify their name. 
VoicemailName GreetingLets you record or upload the name associated with this extension. This greeting is used in the Dial by Name directory for the Virtual Receptionist.
Unavailable GreetingLets you record or upload a greeting that is played when you do not pick up the phone.
Busy GreetingLets you record or upload a greeting that is played when you are on a call.
Out of Office GreetingLets you recording a greeting that is played when you are out of the office. This greeting overrides your unavailable and busy greetings when turned on.

Use Greeting Controls #

PlayClick the Play icon to listen to the current greeting.
RecordClick the Record icon.
Change the name of the greeting, if applicable.
Enter a phone number or extension to record the greeting. 
Click Dial to call the phone number or extension you entered.
Answer the call and follow prompts to record your greeting and then press 1 to save.
Click Save.
UploadUse the following steps to upload a pre-recorded greeting in .wav or .mp3 file format.
Click the Upload icon.
Select a .wav or .mp3 file.
Click Save.
DownloadClick the Download icon to save the current greeting to your computer.

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