Avoid computer slowdowns

Memory upgrades help multi-taskers because more memory means more programs can be run at one time. Computers may experience frustrating slowdowns when running multiple programs at once. Extra memory becomes allocated to the opening of several programs at the same time. RAM helps computers avoid bottle-necking effects when trying to run a lot of high-memory programs. If all RAM space has been used when trying to open programs, the computer resorts to using virtual memory on the hard drive, which slows the computer down quite a bit.

Program compatibility

Certain programs require a set amount of memory in order for the program to run properly. Gamers know this very well as many games are graphic intensive and require large amounts of memory. Lacking the proper amount of memory may cause the game to lag, images to render incorrectly, the game may ‘freeze’ or it may not even start up.

Browse Faster

Surfing the Internet tends to be noticeably faster with more RAM installed in your computer. Web browsers load faster regardless of Internet connection speed. Web pages opening faster and web technologies like flash content open faster.

Enhanced Networking

Computers connected to a network can observe a boost in network capabilities after installing more RAM.


Computer users who are fond of gaming benefit from additional memory in several different ways. Games run more smoothly without slower response times. In addition to faster game-play with fewer jerky movements, a RAM upgrade benefits the visuals of a game as well. Computers with higher memory installed have better 3D rendering capabilities than those with a minimal amount of RAM. Images in a game become cleaner and brighter with a memory upgrade.

There are different types of RAM and there are limitations on how much RAM can be installed on your computer. These limitations are based on several things, but most commercially sold computers will have the max-RAM amount in it’s documentation.

Visions Business Services can help you identify the limitations of your computer and install the proper type and amount of RAM that your computer requires.

Author: Keith Barney

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