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General Questions
What forms of payment does VBS accept?
Credit, Check and Cash.
What technology vendors are in your portfolo?
See our extensive list of available vendors
Managed Business-Tech Services
What is Managed IT service?
Managed Business-Tech is a service that allows a business owner to focus on growing the business while VBS manages the business-tech environment. This includes computers /servers, networks, and peripherals (copiers etc.). In addition VBS Managed IT includes management of systems like G Suite, VoIP systems and other productivity systems. VBS also consults with Manged IT clients to create and implement tech policies and procedures to assure compliance and consistency
Do you fix printer mechanical problems?
We can address some mechanical issues, but we advise clients that use business class copiers and/or multi-function devices, to get maintencae plans for their devices. This is best, as there may be parts that are required and special tech skills that are required for proprietary devices.


VBS can manage software issues, networking the device and some preventative maintenance, manage user access and take responsibility for corresponding with copier techs


Web Services

Custom Website Design

How long does it take to create a website?
The time it takes to complete a website varies, depending on the amount of content that will be contained in the website, the availability of the content and the complexity of the website’s functions. Generally speaking, VBS likes to allow 4 – 6 weeks for most website projects. We start tracking the time from when we receive the ‘bulk’ of the information from the client. The most common source of delay is the time it takes for clients to submit their content!
Why should I use a web designer instead of using a service like Wix or other website builders?
We believe that getting a professional to build your website will ensure that your website meets current standards and best practices, saves you time and headache of building and testing your website and a professional can consult you and manage the project as you all move through to completion. Your level of knowledge, amount of time you have to devote to the project, project completion deadlines and the level of complexity of your website should be the determining factors on whether you attempt to build your own website. As a general rule, professionals produce professional results!
What if I already have my domain registered with another domain registrar?
If you already have your domain name with a another registrar (GoDaddy, Blue Host, ect.) that is NOT a problem. We can set your existing domain name to point to the location that your actual website files will be hosted and served from. We would only require your login credentials from the domain name registrar that your domain is registered with so that we can configure it properly.
Am I required to use your preferred hosting if VBS designs and builds my website?
You are NOT required to use VBS preferred hosting if you hire us to design and build a website. However, we do strongly encourage using our preferred hosting because we are sure that our preferred hosting accounts will allow us ample server access to allow us to configure advanced functions, we have established great working relationships which translates to priority support for us and our clients and lastly, we are familiar with our preferred hosts’ procedures and user interfaces making for less ‘discovery’ time when learning our way around other hosts’ user interfaces
Am I required to supply my own images for the website?
You are NOT required to use your own images for your website but we encourage using your original images if they are of high enough quality and usable. Original content (including images) gets higher priority with search engines so it ia always best to use original images when possible. In The event that you don’t have images, stock images related to your content can be acquired. VBS will attempt to acquire free and royalty free images for your project but often, it requires purchasing images to get exactly what you need for your project. Images can make or break a website.
Will my website be search engine optimized once completed?
Yes and No. We build our websites with basic SEO (search engine optimization) best practices like tagging all images, ensure proper link configuration, installing SEO tools and make minor changes to client supplied content. Full SEO is a service that we also provide. This involves detailed keyword research, content re-working, configuring SEO tools and other techniques to help increase the ranking of your website on the search engines.

Website Hosting / Domain Name Registration

Why do I need a hosting account?
Your hosting account is essentially space on a server in a data center that servers your website files when a request made (someone attempts to load your website in a browser). You can house your website on a personal server but that is outside of the expertise of most people.
Do I need a shared hosting account or dedicated hosting account?
Most businesses and organizations can start with shared hosting. Shared hosting means your website shares the server hardware and bandwidth resources with other websites. Sharing resources requires that your website stays within certain limits,t but most new websites can perform well within those limits.

Dedicated hosting accounts are accounts in which your website is housed, by itself, on it’s own server. With dedicated hosting, your website has full use of the server hardware and bandwidth resources. This will allow for great performance and reliability.

We advise most clients that are building new websites, to start with shared hosting, unless they anticipate high traffic volumes soon after the website launch. For most, shared hosting is just fine to begin with and the account can be upgraded to scale up with your website’s growth.

How do I obtain a domain name?
You domain name is your address on the Internet. It must be unique. To obtain and secure a domain name you must register it with a domain name registrar. The process is as follows: 1)enter potential domain name to do an availability search. Once you find a domain that is available and to your liking, you will have to enter your contact information and pay to complete the transaction. The domain name is now yours to use. ICANN is the organization that regulates the distribution of domain names so be sure your registrar is ICANN certified. VBS is an ICANN certified domain name registrar. You can search and acquire your new domain name here – Domain Name Search
Does my domain name and hosting need to be with the same company?
Your domain name does NOT have to be registered at the same company that you have your hosting account with. Many prefer to have both with the same account for easier management but it is not a requirement
What is a SSL Certificate?
SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to your details details. When installed and configured on a web server, it activates the padlock (shown in your browse address bar) and the https protocol and facilitates a secure connection from a web server to a browser. There are standard and wildcard ssl certificates. A standard certificate can only secure a single website and wildcard certificate can secure unlimited numbers of sub domains.

Below is a quick overview of how they work

Do I need a SSL Certificate?
If your website stores and/or transmits sensitive or personal information, you WILL need a SSL Certificate. Though not required for your website to be functional, it is a good practice to have one in place as many modern web browsers are moving to more secure data transmission and search engines are taking the security of your website in to consideration for their search engine rankings. In addition, you don’t want your customer or member information to be subject to theft as a result of your insecure data transmissions. Your SSL certificate must be attached to your domain (the ‘host’). VBS offers SSL Certificate registration

Website Maintenance

Can I manage my website once it is created?
You can manage your own website once it is completed. VBS can train you or your staff to maintain your website. We also offer web maintenance plans for those that don’t want to be burdened with maintenance responsibilities


Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair
Do you pick-up and drop off computers you work on?
Yes. We will pick up and deliver computers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.
Do you require a deposit for computer repairs?
We dont ask for a deposit for a computer repairs, but we do charge a $50 diagnostic fee.
Do you all do hardware upgrades?
Do you clean up viruses and maleware?
Does VBS install network cabling??
Yes. We have liscenced electricians and cable installers that can install data cabling in your office or establishment. This includes, fiber, twisted-pair coaxial and audio/visual cables of various types
Do you secure networks you manage?
VBS takes security very seriously and we use best security practices and network devices to secure any network we manage
Cloud Services


Do I need internet service to use VoIP?
Yes. We recommend you have high-speed Internet service to operate VoIP phones.
Do you work with exclusive vendors?
No. VBS is a vendor-neutral business-tech company. We choose vendors based on our client’s unique needs and special circumstances.
How large of a phone system can VBS manage?
We manage phone systems as small as one phone up to a call-center worth of phones.
Do I need extra Ethernet jacks to utilize VoIP phones?
No. VoIP phone hardware will usually allow you to connect your computer’s ethernet cord into it to access the network.

Ideally, the VoIP phone would have its own network jack which allows better data/voice separation but it is not mandatory

Do VoIP phones require an electrical outlet for power?
VoIP phones do require power. This can be from a power cord and electrical outlet or POE (power over ethernet). POE utilizes power supplied via the ethernet cord. This also requires properly rated POE switches to supply the power.

Secure File Sharing & Cloud Collaboration

Are the files encrypted?
Vendors we partner with, data is protected within Tier III or Tier IV (SAS Type II) data centers and utilize military-grade encryption


Data Recovery
What devices can you recover data from?
3.5 and 2.5 inch hardrives (Sata /Pata drives), SSD drives, usb memory sticks, memory cards of all sizes

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