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VBS Business-Tech Solutions  is an official Amazon affiliate. Our Link: http://bit.ly/vbs-amazon-link

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VBS Business-Tech Solutions is able to market any of Amazons’ millions of products. We have unique links, that when clicked and a purchase is subsequently made, we get a small percentage of the purchase price as a referral fee.

How does using our Amazon links affect the customer experience?

The customer experience does not change at all! Our links will only serve as a way to access the Amazon.com pages or products. Amazon will still handle the payment transaction and shipping. All product inquirers or returns will also be handled directly by Amazon.

Your privacy is protected! We do not know what products you ordered and are not privy to any of your personal information. Our reports from Amazon only show what was ordered, the purchase price and our percentage.

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If you are an Amazon shopper use our special link to access Amazon.com or click on any Amazon banners that you may encounter as you browse our website. Once there, search and shop as you normally would.

Our Link: http://bit.ly/vbs-amazon-link


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