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VBS Business-Tech Solutions, LLC, is a technology broker. What does that mean? It means that we have established relationships with the leading technology vendors in the industry and that allows us to leverage those relationships to help our clients reach their technology goals.

The technology vendors are numerous and cover everything from business internet, VoIP, cloud-based disaster recovery to mobile communications and much more. This allows us to help our clients to gain access to the technology they need  to keep them competitive and growing.

Though we have created these relationships with vendors, VBS Business-Tech Solutions remains “vendor neutral”. This means that our recommendations to our clients are soley based on their specific needs and the level of technology needed. We do not try to sell our clients on technology that is beyond the scope of their needs and connect them with technology vendors based on how their service or product will benefit our client most.

VBS serves businesses of all sizes and are particulaly beneficial to start-up businesses; helping them acquire the technology solutions they need.

A Supplier-Neutral Telecom ,Cloud, Data and Wireless Agent

VBS Business-Tech Solutions is a Supplier-Neutral Telecom ,Cloud, Data and Wireless agent. You get the best supplier options for your company’s needs. VBS will filter the optimum telecom, Cloud, Data and/or wireless providers based upon your specific objectives and their strengths. This approach puts your solution above any specific service or product provider. We have no quotas to fill, so our recommendations are non-biased and based, solely, on providing the best solutions to your technical needs.

Learn about the advantages of working with a Supplier-Neutral agent.

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VBS Business-Tech Solutions practices a high level of integrity when performing our technical services and interacting with our clients. Confidentiality insures that your business knowledge, practices and processes are safe with us. We do not share your private information. We offer sound advice and consulting with your best business interest in mind. You can have confidence in our service and support.


VBS Business-Tech Solutions uses our collective creativity and knowledge to devise unique solutions to your business challenges. Just as your business is dynamic and unique in it’s processes , operation and marketing, we work hard to provide solutions specific to your requirements. We have the knowledge-base and technical understanding to use a mix of technologies, methodologies and best practices to create a unique solution for your project.


VBS Business-Tech Solutions has the technical knowledge and know-how to understand your specific business-tech challenges and to devise a solution that is cost-effective and efficient. Our technicians are continually training and being educated on the latest technologies, technical methodologies and industry best practices so that we can offer you the best solutions. Our knowledge also allows us to properly train our clients on the use of their technical systems.

Why Use a Technology Broker

  • Better Deals

  • Work with a Professional when deciding on technology needs

  • Don’t get Over-Sold on technology that is beyond your needs

  • Better technology integration

  • Assistance with technology user training and policy creation

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