The Covid-19 (Corona virus) has shaken the world in ways that we have not seen in generations. I believe that we will collectively get through these trying times if we prove to be vigilant about following the direction of health experts, remain positive about and adapt and adjust our lives to help us maintain work, school and some “social” activity.

Technology is proving to help many continue to work and has become the backbone for many children to continue to get an education. This is extra important to our individual well-being and development; mentally, financially and in so many other ways.

Though it seems that everyone and their children have computers, this is NOT true. Many people only have access to a “computer” or the the Internet through their mobile phones. This is OK but if a child is to learn virtually or a mom has to work from home, mobile phones are inadequate for sustaining these activities.

The inability to afford computers and laptops is very real to millions of families. In these cases, families may suffer because they cannot afford to buy the computer(s) they need to tap into the Internet and applications used to do schooling and work in this new reality of Covid-19 (Corona Virus). There are quality affordable computers to be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a new computer!

SO …. at VBS we offer solutions!! If you are hard hit financially, due to Covid-19, have been struggling prior to Covid-19, or are just a budget conscious person that recognized a great value …. You should consider a refurbished computer (laptops / desktops).

VBS partners with a Microsoft Certified computer refurbisher and we advise many of our clients to get their office computers from them. We also encourage you to consider the savings and the opportunity to get the technology you need to help get through this Covid-19 pandemic able to work and have your children be educated from home.

Our partner offers warranties and tech support for all of there computers (laptops/desktops). There refurbished computers come with Windows 10 installed and many can even be upgraded if you want to add extra memory or disc space. You can also get monitors and other accessories and great prices.

Below is a short video about our partners… You will see that they are reputable, professional and knowledgeable

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