Change your computer’s video and audio settings Google Meet

Adjust your camera, microphone, and more to get the settings you need.

Change/Check your speakers and microphone for Google Meet #

Tip: Using mismatched microphone and external speaker devices may cause echo. It is recommended to use a headset for best audio.

On the web #

  1. On your computer, choose an option:
    • Before a meeting, go to Meet.
    • After a meeting starts, click More "".
  2. Click Settings "".
  3. Click Audioand thenthe setting you want to change:
    • Microphone
    • Speakers
  4. (Optional) To test your speakers, click Test.
  5. Click Done.

Allow Google Chrome to access your camera #

On computers using Chrome, you must allow the browser to access your camera.

  1. Enter chrome://settings/content/camera in the Chrome address bar.  
  2. Disable the setting “Ask before accessing.”
  3. Under “Allow,” delete https://meet.google.com:443 if present.  
  4. Refresh the Google Meet page and grant camera access when prompted.

More options:

  1. Check that your computer’s camera is connected, turned on, and pointing towards you unobstructed.
  2. Check if your camera functions in other apps, like FaceTime in MacOS or the Camera app in Windows 10.
  3. Close any other application that might be using the camera, then reload Google Meet.
  4. Restart your computer or your Google Chrome browser.

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