Many more people are using streaming services for TV and movie viewing. This has lead to a blossoming of new devices to use for streaming video and TV content to your television. There are Roku boxes, Apple TV boxes, Firesticks and a few others. The you have smart TV’s that are coming with more and more capabilities; like built in streaming services, web browsers and other advanced functions.

More and more you are forced to interact with these devices; more than just change a channel or adjust the volume. You want to do searches, enter URL’s for websites, add labels to your inputs … this requires a lot more typing. Who likes typing when you have to navigate and choose one letter at a time with the remote control? I know I dont! Entering information to a device using a basic television-like remote is cumbersome, annoying and slow. Don’t make a mistake … you may have to delete half the line you just input to correct one wrong letter.

This is were the Rii Mini Keyboard come in. This little device will allow you to input information to your media device or smart TV using a mini QWERTY keyboard. This changes the game.

he video below explains how to use the Rii Mini Keyboard with a Firestick. This shows how to set the Firestick and mini keyboard up to communicate via 2.4G wireless connection using the USB receiver that comes with the Rii Mini Keyboard and an OTG cord.

Rii Mini Keyboard with a Firestick

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